03 Jan 2014

Local Adult Entertainers Are Employees Not Independent Contractors

I represent 110 adult entertainers who sued a local strip club.  The club classified them as independent contractors, but the judge just ruled that they are in fact employees, which makes them subject to wage and hour laws, including minimum wage and overtime.  The club paid them nothing and charged them fines and fees for the privilege of coming to work.

Here’s an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:


22 Oct 2013

Discrimination Claims in Georgia – An Uphill Battle

This article and the study it discusses gives an excellent illustration of how difficult it is to get a discrimination case to a jury in Federal court here in Georgia.


The study showed that 100% of racial harassment cases brought by workers in the Northern District of Georgia in 2011 and 2012 were dismissed by judges prior to reaching trial.  Only one sexual harassment case made it through summary judgment and survived to reach trial during the same period.  This behavior by federal judges is having a chilling effect on both plaintiffs and their attorneys, who generally work on a contingency fee basis.

18 Mar 2013

Updated Website & Appellate Law

Coming up on my two year anniversary of opening this firm, I decided an update was in order.  I have recently switched my website to WordPress-based.  This will make it easier to keep the site fresh and updated.  It will also allow me to provide more content without having to outsource the maintenance of the site.  Many businesses are going this route now and it seems to be providing a better way to connect with visitors.  Please let me know if you like the change.

I have also formally added an Appellate Law area of practice.  I hope to expand this area and assist those who have final judgments or intermediate orders that they wish to appeal.  I will expand on this topic in the next few months.