unpaid commissions Georgia lawyerCommissioned salespeople, manufacturer's reps, managers, executives and other employees often earn money that is payable to them in the form of bonuses, commissions and other incentives that are paid at a later date. Many times, when the employee is fired, the company refuses to pay any of the money that is owed. This is a common issue with account executives or salespeople who resign or are fired where the company refuses to pay commissions or bonuses that were earned but not paid before termination of employment.

Commissions to employees must be paid pursuant to Georgia law, whether or not the employee is still working for the company. If not, the employee has the right to file suit and sue for the commissions owed. In some cases, under a Georgia statute, a terminated Georgia sales representative may sue for the commissions actually owed, additional damages in the amount of twice the commissions owed, and attorneys’ fees incurred in pursuing the commissions.

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