Georgia appellate attorney Paul Sharman can help with your employment law dispute.Appellate advocacy is a specialty. Although most lawsuits are resolved at the trial court level, many proceed to judgment and then appeal.  Sometimes, a party may want to file petitions for extraordinary writs in the appellate court to challenge orders that are not immediately appealable while the case is still pending in the trial court.   Other cases proceed to a second level of review at the Supreme Court level. In these situations, it’s critical to have an experienced Georgia appellate attorney by your side.

The Sharman Law Firm handles a wide variety of civil appeals, post-trial motions, and writ proceedings in many areas of the law, such as employment litigation, commercial litigation, family law, construction, healthcare, insurance coverage and bad faith, and many others.  The Sharman Firm knows how to evaluate the briefing and evidence presented in the trial court given the applicable standards of review, and other aspects of appellate process.   The Sharman Law Firm will bring a fresh perspective to determine which arguments are likely to succeed, or, depending on the circumstances, whether those arguments should be abandoned in light of a different approach.

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